Dream Team

We are ex-USSR Resistance agents

We take active part in almost every Ingress event (if we can travel there) — from anomalies to shards, from Mission Days to special events (Via Lux Explorer, Magnus Builder, and now Dark XM Cure). We were following first Camp Navarro, and we were charmed and a little bit frightened by the idea of building our own physical portal. But as soon as the Schlooß Kaltenberg event was announced, we left our doubts behind and got down to work.

We are a motley crew. We have Ingress veterans, we have new players, we have adults, we have young players, and we have people of all professions, interests, and hobbies — from engineers to barmen, from coders to entrepreneurs. We are different, and this is our power. Each of us is strong is their field, and together we can do anything!





Tech lead











With support of these wonderful agents:

  • @BeetlePie
  • @DeadMerlolo
  • @DeadPostman
  • @DeepEvIL
  • @Lapciusik
  • @Lapute
  • @M0rf3u
  • @malc01mm
  • @Necromukhtar
  • @TacMuT
  • @torturingyou

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