Project 398

Trying to establish contact with Exogenous Entities using obsolete soviet XM projects

What are we doing?

We came across some long-forgotten Soviet pilot projects and researches on XM communications that were conducted way before Lynton-Wolfe’s groundbreaking attempts. We know how to build a Listener Portal based on these works, a portal that can transmit researchers’ voices into out-of-reach depth of portal network and possibly receive an answer. The only thing we lack of is a ‘Funnel’, or, as it called within NIA, a Techtulhu module. This device will help us establish contact with N’Zeers, Shapers or — who know? — even some other exogenous entities.

Who we are?

We are a group of Res agents born in the USSR. We've visited many places, we've done a lot of different things, we've seen a lot, but we never created a real portal before. Nonetheless, we strongly believe we are bound to be successful, and our flower will bloom in Schloß Kaltenberg.

This website is our Portal Luminance Project submission.

Made with ❤️ by ex-USSR Resistance agents